Who we are:

Automation Revolution is part of Feinmechanik Richter S.R.L. based in Sibiu, Romania. We develop and implement personalised automation applications according to the specific industrial need of the customer: robotics automation, sensorics and digitalization of your production system.

We develop and implement from small to complex automation projects. Thanks to our strong partnership with HELLER Maschinen & Technologie AG we are able to provide quality, high efficiency solutions in the automation field having a big advantage: our capacity to develop cost accessible solutions & fast local service for the Romanian market.


Our team

What differentiates us:

We are a lean organization defined by a decentralized management style, giving us agility on our market approach and decision taking. Therefore we are able to provide our customers easy and fast solutions by fulfilling our quality standards at the same time.

The continuous development of our employees is essential for our organization. This is why all our employees go through a 6 months development period. During this time they have the opportunity to develop their soft skills and project management skills.

We encourage fresh brilliant minds and innovative solutions, by supporting and developing young students with high potential coming from Technical Universities.


Our Partners:


We are a certified System Integrator for Universal Robots, world's no.1 in collaborative robots. Through our strong partnership with Universal Robots we are able to provide our customers the best cobotics applications for an array of processes: pick & place, quality inspection, assembly, packaging, testing, etc.


Automation Revolution develops customized senzorics solutions for different industrial applications and processes. Our team of automation engineers together with our strategic partner, ifm electronic are able to develop smart and efficient solutions that best meet our customers requirements.